Dinner on the town

When it comes to dinner on the town I think of going to a nice restaurant. It would be one of my favorites. The food is delicious and it’s the perfect place to wear something special. A nice dress with cute heels and a stylish bag we’ll be sure to get you pleat of complements. Chic is the look  you are going for, when you look great and feel great that’s all that matters.

Cholé 2016 Spring: Pale jacket


The perfect look can be made up  of a few fancy details…#1 the perfect coat,is one that is stylish and keeps you warm. It’s perfect when your favorite restaurant feels like Antarctica! One of my favorite brands is Chloe. Chloé is a fashionable, and stylish brand, I love their spring/summer 2016 collection.

Black Gucci dress

Viscose jersey dress

If you are going to your favorite restaurant you always need a stylish dress to rock. The dress you’ve wanted to buy  can be found in any high end mall. This is my second thing I would add on my list of stunning pieces to wear out on the town. I would wear something classy and chic to match my Chloé coat. This is why I would pick a classy Gucci black dress.


Valentino shoe

Studs<br>Solid color<br>Buckle<br>Leather sole<br>Round toeline<br>Covered heel<br> Women 44978444OK

You have two main things a coat and a nice dress, there’s one thing you can’t forget,which is your fabulous shoes. Yes, those shoes you adore and want to have so badly while window shopping. The designer brand is nicely labeled by its characteristics. I see every outfit as an equation,  it’s a mathematical formula that needs to be solved. The more details the outfit has the bigger the equation. Now you have the third piece to your look a nice Valentino sandal.

Gucci handbag

GG Marmont leather shoulder bag

Your look is almost complete all you need is the right handbag. The perfect bag completes your look. When it has to do with a sophisticated handbag I count on Gucci.


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