Airport Style

Imagine you are about to go on this beautiful tropical island vacation with your friends. You have nothing to wear on vacation and when you are at the airport. Packing stresses you and you don’t want to do it.

If I was going to jump on a plane to British Virgin Islands I would definitely pack dressy shorts and blouses. Add a nice sweater to wear on the plane because planes are normally cold. For the people in cold climate and would wear sweater, jogger pants, and slippers . In my opinion I think a shirt and ripped jeans or jeans in general with a zipped sweater and sandals is good. Below are some pictures of what I would wear to the airport depending on if I was leaving from a hot or cold climate.


Airplane wear

Hot weather

H&M: Colorful Camisoles top image

Joe jeans: Ripped Jeans


H & M: Black Sandals


Cold Weather

Kenzo Paris: Baby Blue Sweater



Ted Baker: Jogger pants



Buscemi : Coral shoes



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