Causal into Night Life

Casual wear makes me think of the two classifications , sweaters and jeans. Sweaters make me think of playing in the snow, and hot chocolate from Starbucks in the winter weather. In Jeans imagine a person hanging out somewhere with their friends.

H&M sweater

This sweater has a nice cotton feel to it. I would definitely wear this on a cold day to keep me warm. This is the perfect item if you’re cold all the time like me. My favorite part of this sweater is the zippers on the bottom, this makes it look different. Two places I would wear this sweater are, the mall or hanging with friends.

H & M zipped sweater

H&M Jeans

I like these jeans because they are skinny, jeans come in many styles. I would wear these jeans while window shopping with friends or family. I wouldn’t wear jeans when I am home relaxing. I think this because jeans aren’t as comfortable as active wear.


Salvatore Ferragamo Pink Flats

The shoes I picked for this look are fashionable flats. I like the hot pink color; I would wear these shoes doing any activity’s that wouldn’t make my shoes dirty. For instance going to the movies or walking on the city streets.




When I want to change my look from causal to dressy, I would change only a few pieces.

H&M Blue Blouse

I think of wearing a lace up blouse for two reasons. My first reason is because the blouse is loose and flowing. The second reason is because it’s chic. You can wear it from day into evening .

Keep the jeans..

Add stylish nude H and M nude belt


H&M biker jacket
I love leather, I have a fabulous pink leather jacket. It brings me joy to wear it, the only time I don’t is when it’s hot. Leather is fashionable all year round


Celine black ankle boots

One designer I would love to go to for inspiration is Celine. Ankle boots are trend right for everyone.They are one of my favorite looks because of their girly western style.


My completed transformed look is made by first replacing the H&M sweater with a lace up blouse. The second thing I replaced was the Ferragamo shoes with the Celine ankle boots. Don’t get me wrong I adore Ferragamo but the Celine ankle boots is better day into evening. The black side zipped H&M biker jacket makes the evening look complete. I added a pop of nude with the H&M belt.

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