Designer Bag Swag

Style Warning!!!!!

These are all the items I chose for this blog. The purpose was to relate or get ideas of what you may want to put in your bag. Thank you to everyone reading, this hope you enjoy!! 😊

Sometimes I wonder what all of my favorite designer products would look like in one bag? It’s that bag that I can take wherever I go . This is all the things I would put in my bag, and it’s purpose.

Gucci bag

I think the color is modern and it’s a nice thing to use on a daily basis. It’s fashionable and stylish to carry.


iPad Pro (9.7-inches /rose gold)
This is used for blogging and studying. This iPad Pro has 25% greater color added than previous iPad models, it also features a new keyboard. I love apple products and think this device can be used to take beautiful pictures and videos, and provides better ways to do what I want.


Tory burch makeup bag

I love the way makeup looks, it feels like I’m a modern goddess. This makeup bag I would always have with me just in case I need to do some touch ups. I would keep all my lips, blush and eye products in good condition. The bag makes me think of tropical islands because of its grape fruit, banana and colorful berries.


Makeup: lip, blush, eye shadow and eyeliner
Eye Shadow

I would go for a neutral eye shadow using colors like: brown, light pinks and nudes. I would keep this in my makeup bag because it’s not only a need but it would make me look like a neutral butterfly on the eyes.



Liquid Lipstick

My makeup bag definitely needs some colorful lip colors to brighten out my look. I would count on “Anastasia” to add one of the many liquid lipstick  and brands. The name of this lip color is Crush.



When it comes to makeup I don’t wear it that often I normally wear nude. I think a simple black liquid eyeliner is easy to blend with any color.




I would use a pink or “Misty Blush by Burberry”. I feel these colors work well for me. I love pink especially when it’s mixed with many other shades of pink .



The Gucci wallet below continues the color of pink. The new geometric shapes give these accessories a fresh seal.



I would bring a book just in case I want to read.The book shown in the picture is a example of one of the book I would bring. I would bring this book because it helps me realize certain things to appreciate in life.

we heart it social media picture


Bath and Body works hand sanitizer
A product that should be an essential in every bag is a hand sanitizer. I definitely recommend Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers. It keeps your hands clean and smells refreshing.

we heart it social media picture


Ferragamo Sunglasses
When I am out and about in the sunny weather I would grab my Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses. Sunglasses are a must when trying to protect your eyes from the sun. I like these sunglasses because I love their bold, big shape and their frame. They would make you look fabulous.


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