Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” vs Drake’s “Views”

Rap,R&B and Pop are the three types of music I listen to. When two of my favorite artist release a album. I’m that person who will jump for joy when hearing their new music on the radio!  Along with looking up their videos on YouTube or Vevo.

Beyoncé “Lemonade”


When you think of Beyoncé you may think of her past group “Destiny’s Child” or the famous song “Single Ladies”. When it comes to Queen Bee I have followed all her music from all her albums. I would go crazy if I went to one of her concerts. Beyoncé is constantly evolving.

I’ve notice that since Beyoncé came out with the song “Formation” the Bee Hive, or Beyoncé’s fans were shocked when this song came out causing controversy. They were even more shocked when the new album “Lemonade” came out. The hive broke loose with a huge amounts of excitment when the album came out exclusively on Tidal for 24 hours and then iTunes April 23, 2016. In the album it expresses emotions possibly about her husband “Jay Z”. People also took interest in seeing HBO premiere of Lemonade featureing every song from her album.

Drake “Veiws”


Beyonce wasn’t the only person getting the spotlight on her album Drake was too. Drake know for his past hit “Hotline-Bling” has also changed in his music. Before releasing his album “Veiws” he released two singles : “Pop Style”, and “One Dance”. “Pop Style” is what I describe in a usually Drake vibe which is explained in rap. Then theirs “One Dance” this song was different for Team Drizzy or Drake’s fans to handle with its island sound it didn’t seem like rap. In the album “Veiws” it mentions Rihanna which got me curious from their past relationship.

The only problem was it came out on iTunes April 29, 2016 just a week after “Lemonade”. I am both a Team Drizzy and Bee Hive fan and except their changes. For people like me it’s a lot dealing with not one but two albums at the same time. I can’t wait to see all the music videos.



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