Coco Chanel Spring/Summer Haute Couture 2017


Coco Chanel a classic, chic brand that’s known for being one of the first couture brands, she started in 1909. Coco Chanel got her start making hats in a small shop in France. The brand evolved through the 1900’s . Fast forward to 2017 and now Karl Lagerfeld has taken over the brand as head designer & he’s presented the Haute Couture for 2017’s Spring/ Summer collection.

This collection featured white, cotton candy pinks and other pastel colors. The models all coordinated in metallic or white belts. The style of knitwear shows the traditional feature of the brands classic design.
The makeup was kept light with a dazzle of glitter over the eyelids and a red lip. A metallic sliver shoe also was a key reference in the fashion show shown on most of the models.

In the middle of the fashion show the appearance of sequence dresses and a flashy pantsuit was eye-opening to me. Pink feathers and white silk dresses walked on the mirror like stage. My favorite part had to be the end when a big, plush, pink train dress made the model look like a modern Cinderella. The flashing lights of the many people with cameras caught every angle of the dresses beauty. This was a wonderful way to end the show with grace and elegance.

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