Orange drinks at the house

Screenshot_20180411-204705_Smart Closet

Laugh, chats , cries, memories. It’s the Caffeine at the party.”

Soda fun.

Off color white sweater

Marc Jacobs



Orange sun and a hint of pink.





Little of everything.

Small backpack




For the look.

Blue denim skirt




No fly-aways allowed.

Lipstick print headband




We been through it all . 


Golden Goose 



“Shinning Shinning ya”- Shining Dj Khalid ft. Beyoncé and Jay Z 

Charm Lipgloss 

Clé de Peau Beaué 



Lit the fireworks.

Shimmer Sparkle Stick dusty pink eyeliner 

Bobbi Brown 



 We heart it cover photo




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