Simple & Bold


Smart closet
Smart closet


Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Features 9 shadows from a vibrant red to soft tone pinks and beiges giving you a perfect summer palette for any time of the day.

Klara Cosmetics



Ultra Thickening False Lashes Maximizer

This will give a full volumes lash for a bold and beautiful eye.




Lip Liner

This is the shade Pale Pink that gives a rose tint to the lip to go perfectly with the orange and beige shadows and volumes eyes.

Bobbi Brown




In the color Lychee luxe gives a bold orange mixed with a peachy tone.




Mineral illuminating power 

A golden glow shimmer to add on the cheek instead of a blush because I want to add the effect of making the face “pop” and polished.

Laura Mercier




Green Diagonal Cropped M65 Military jacket

I personally feel that it is always a necessity to pair a jacket just in case the weather may not be a plan. In my looks, I want to try incorporating others need if it is cold or chilly. This is long sleeve logo strip across the sleeves, silver metals and high collar.


$1, 415


Shayne Oliver Striped Pull Up Shirt Dress 

Simple, white causal dress gives a look of comfort. Silver metals, four button top this is a part of the Hemet Lang Seen By Shayne Oliver collection.

Helmut Lang



Sequin Knife Booties

When I think sequins I think fun or a party whether that is at a nice restaurant or a get to together I wanted to give a shoe that would be eye-catching. This boot has a 4’3 inch heel.





Black Leather B-Link Bracelet Backpack

Gold metals with a shoulder strap this bag is about 9.84W” x 8.66″H made from Italy. Small enough to easily throw on and go no hassle.



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