This is a new part of the beauty section of my blog. I wanted to range from beauty to soaps and scrubs. I always had a love for fresh smells from sweet to citrus. Hope you enjoy.

Body scrub

Beauty Milk body scrub 

Using sea salt it has clean moringa oil and milk.

Size: 12oz




G.Tox 5salt detox body scrub

Salt around the globe Dead Sea salt, Celtic sea salt, New Zealand solar salt, and Epsom salt and oils consist of moringa, pure rose, and organic virgin olive oil.





Body Wash

Moton Brown London

Light lily and ginger scent.

Size: 300mL

Gingerly Body wash



Bath Oil

Red Rose Bath Oil

7 different rose and blossoms.

Size: 30mL

Jo Malone



Body Cream

Rose hand & body cream

Floral from peony and magnolia cream and lightweight.

Size: 250ml





Marbles Citrus bar Soap

Scents of grapefruit, lemon, jasmine, and peach.

Size: 7oz




Luxurious Bath Soap

Honey, aloe and floral rich butter.

Size: 6oz

Thymes Goldleaf Gardenia



London English Pear & Freesia 

Smooth shea butter from London wrapped in in box goddd for a gift.


Jo Malone


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