Skin drinks

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Hello again, this is going to be all of the skin hydration that would be well needed. On my chart, I have lip scrub to skin drink or skin moisturizer. I feel it is very important to give many ideas in a range of affordable to spendy price. But don’t worry I wanted to fit everyone’s needs.

Lip scrubs are a personal favorite of mine.

What is a lip scrub?

I would define it as taking away all the junk or lip peeling. Nobody wants a peeled orange as lips. Here are some options.



Ultra-conditioning lip balm

4-hour mousier features a series of oils, olive, sunflower, and cocoa.

Burt bees


Buttermilk for Lips overnight Lip Treatment

Anyways here some things to know: repair, nourish, hydrate skin

Bubi Bubi Lip scrub 

K-Beauty or Korea beauty uses gel that will bubble up and scrub up and take away dead skin.





Skin drinks

Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser

No greasy residue and can be used to remove makeup.





Calendula Foaming wash

Refresh and deep cleaning and creamy gel form.


Kiehl’s since 1851

Balance the oily skin and drop skin with a gentle solution.
$23- 5oz
$29- 8.5oz
Light skin hydration and removing everything.



Cleans makeup and skin hydrate for the more sensitive skin.


$24 – 8oz

$36 – 16oz

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