Better in pink

Smart closet

This beauty look I was inspired by the color I always thought of the color red as pink. Pink in a series of different shades and colors can fit any skin type and any occasion. Whether it is going to do daily things or going to a party. Bold, light shiny or glamorous. I feel like pink can cover any time of the day.


I always thought that using a metal liquid eyeshadow was something that would give a beautiful glow. Harder to take off this one last 16 hours. Since it is metallic it provides a shimmer effect on the eye.

Full metal shadow 



This baby pink highlighter I would use as a base highlighter or the first part of highlighter. This I would imagine giving pigment but not a lot.

Jet set power highlight



This highlighter I feel like you need to be confident to pull off a bold highlighter from Fenty. Best to play around with such a coral color. The more comfortable I feel the more I would put on.

Color: Yacht Lyfe

Shimmer Stix

Fenty beauty 



I know I don’t usually put on a lip liner but the more bold look.

Color: Precision

Lip liner




The common theme of this look is shimmer glam look so I thought it was a need to add a lip gloss like this one.

Color: Seychelle

High pigmented pearl lipgloss

Jour Cosmetic 



I put both a lipstick and a gloss cause often times the lipgloss will come off eventually after eating so I would suggest adding the lipstick than a gloss. I mean I get it sometimes people don’t like messing up their favorite lipstick with another product but I suggest it.

Color: Funny Face



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