Finding the music

I always feel like music can be found anywhere. I wanted to give people more. I loved showing people the unknown.  The internets music is more than Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora and Youtube for music or music videos.


1. Shazam

Let me paint out a scenario you are at a party and they are playing a song but you don’t know the artist or song. Here is the app to go. This blue button you press here’s a picture.

This blue button once you press it, takes less than a minute to find a song and that is a fact. You don’t need to worry about if the place is to notice cause it will still probably catch it. But it NEEDS to be the original song or a remix cause often times on the radio. They would switch songs and mix them or somebody else is singing it will not recognize it. Once you press this button this happens.

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Screenshot from Shazam app

This shows the song, the artist if you  “add to” Spotify playlist, or “open” to Spotify playlist. The three dots in a vertical line say if you wanna remove the Shazam you looked up. It will keep all your shazams in a list of places. The large # is the number of times a person shazamed a song.


Everything is the same except it shows the lyrics instead of the song, artist and shazam #.


This will give you the video if not then it will show the lyric video or the song on youtube.


This pretty much will give you other song showing the main artist, not the featured artist. On the ” see more” button shows you a place to see other song and all these other things like following the artist. You will see if you get this app.


All the artist and songs that you can see that gives the same sound as that song. For example, it shows Dance for this by Troye Sivan it will give you other songs that sound like that one.


2. Vevo

This is a place I go for videos cause Vevo is I feel like up on top with Tidal this is where all of the best pop, rap, and r&b videos come from.



I feel like SoundCloud is a place where you will find these things.

  • New artist or artist that are coming up
  • New release music

I feel like this is a place where you will find up and coming artist or artist just starting there career. For example Bryson Tiller, Kehlani, Post Malone and even some rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil yachty, and Lil Pump did just that.


Places to go on Youtube to find music:



When I am on youtube and I want to watch a whole audio album I love to go here it has everything. A lot of songs it’s not much but if you are picky about music and finding a song on YouTube without an editor some kind of trick. I know I will look up a song on Youtube then it would play 5secs and just go blank or silent or play a different song.

Most artist usual have a topic account where you can do all these things but not everyone.

What do you need to type in to get the result?

1. Type in a song

Screenshot youtube


2. Type in the song then put the word ” topic”

Screenshot YouTube

3. Enjoy 🙂

Screenshot youtube



This is probably one of my favorite places to go for music.  This place is Genius mostly known for the music break down with the artist. More known as “Offical Lyrics & Meaning |Verified”.

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The artist sits down and explains to the camera how they came up with the song, the inspiration they got to make the song. They sing the song and break down each verse. It’s great cause you can get their opinion it not someone else’s.

They also have other things on their channel such as:

They explain songs, videos, their own intake on music, “framework” of making the music video and much more.

” The making of” different music videos such as ” The making of Hayley Kiyoko’s ‘What I Need’ | Framework”  Video.

YouTube screenshotScreenshot_20180805-225602_YouTube

They also have their own intake of videos and music. You will hear me write more post about Genius and it will be a place where I get my reference from.


6.Colors Studios 

This is where you will find all the unique voice. They will sing different songs in a studio. You will be able to hear their voice clearly every note. It really is something you would need to see in our fully to understand.


Sorry, for this long post really wanted to give a good brief explanation hope you enjoy this post. Comment your own suggestions.

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