Ocean marble

Smart closet

My inspiration came from the tight mini dress from Area that made go for a party on yacht kind of feel. The blue, green and purple came in the head as a night party event. I wanted to add bling or jewelry by making the dress accent the theme. I always want to put the same effort in a centerpiece as my side piece items. This includes the jewelry, clutch, and makeup.


Dora Cotton Blend Lamé Cami Dress




Extreme point toe jersey crepe booties 





Lara Solid clutch 

Edie parker




Hoop Earring 

Cult Gaia



Essie’ marble effect triangle bangle

Cult Gaia



Spike Centre Stone ring 

Coup De Coeur



18k gold Strength Classic diamond signet ring





Mothership Eyeshadow Palette Subliminal

Pat McGrath



Sublime Skin Highlight Tro 

Pat McGrath



Lip Fetch Lip balm 

Color: Shimmer Fetch

Pat McGrath




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