No locals “the GLOBAL CONNECTION” ( the intro)

This is going to be the first collection that is going to fully associate with traveling. The way I wanted to make this collection was by using 36 of the 80+ countries you guy my follower, viewer, and visitors. I wanted to give back something as a gift because you guy come from around the world to look at my looks and my feed. I truly enjoy it.

These 36 countries will be divided into 6 different categories by climate and changes in temperature.

  1. Polar Chill
  2. Temperature Region
  3. Arid Zone
  4. Damp tropical region
  5. The Mild Mediterranean
  6. The Cold Tundra


In between these categories, there will be 6 different looks. Two Women Travel Trends, two men Travel Trends then two beauty looks. Depending on the place depends on the look and how it will fit in with that place.

This will mark my largest collection so I want to make sure to give all the details.  Hope you enjoy my looks.

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