Beauty below freezing temperatures in Moscow | No Locals Global Connection 18′

Polar chill: Moscow, Russia

If you get this concept then you are a “real one” honestly. The way I wanted to create this post was by using Russia’s cool temperature below freezing to measure the price of the items. Here is a fact a temperature below freezing is 32 * Celcius. For example, NARS Illutinator is $30 it is a “below freezing price”  you know Russia is cold enough to be below freezing. I am laughing writing this cause it sounds so cheesy but I am kind of happy I got that item.

You guys may know I am all for the chic and expensive but their comes a day when we all pull up to a Utla, a Duane Reade, a CVS or whatever you want to call your local night trip store. Just to pick you a few essentials. Here are 13 wonderful products that wanted to give people a different side of me and my blog please enjoy.

Smart closet

Top row

Nail Lacquers 

I want to bring on the color to Russia give a different from nail to toe cover the nails with a lavender color nail.





Give a sunrise cool skin glow and refreshing skin and can use as a highlighter or a face shimmer before or after foundation.

Color: Hot Sand





Be Legendary Pucker Up Lipstick Palette 

A set of mini 6 matte cream lip lipsticks. This is what a call a “berry palette” cause you got the blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, and cherries.




Rose Flower Lab Essence Sheet Mask 




Figo da turquia Cologne

“Fig da turquia” in Portuguese means in English “Fig of Turkey”. I first of love the packaging of this cologne cause it reminds me of nature and running out in a field picking sunflowers looking happy. This scent gives off a sweet but scipy smell. Scipy if you don’t know in beauty term for me means strong or a something like a spark up your noses.





Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face set

Killawatt has become to me the powerful face golden glow sensation Rihanna and Kendo Brand gave beauty birth to. It is probably most what comes first to mind when thinking about Fenty beauty. The Fenty beauty bomb pink natural with golden shimmer also featured. This is a great deal, for that golden goddess effect.

Fenty Beauty



Extreme High Shine Lipgloss

This is another good dell first thing I think of for Hourglass is my chic and expensive. Some may argue “if you think I am going to spend a waping $28 on another gloss to in the deep sea of my makeup bag then you thought wrong.” This product is something I feel can’t judge by price but by quality last shine, no bleeding and thickness. Even though it still in my opinion a brand that still trying it’s hardest to get its rise in the beauty industry. The brand does come through for the pigment.

Color: Siren




Jelly Shot

Speaking of lips this one gives you natural oils, Vitamin E, and avocado with a “jelly shot” substance with a lotus scent gives lips a shine to beat the cool. Give a surprising PINK TINT. Please don’t be fooled by the packaging.

Color: Watch me go




Obsessions Eyeshadow 

This is what I call the “morning sunrise palette” cause it comes complete with 9 lovely shadows that cover the covers of an earlier morning sunrise. High pigment and smooth to the skin shadow all day lasting the options are endless.

Palette: Coral




Row 3


Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer 

Good for a range of different skin types from Normal to Sensitive too, a combination of blends to oily. Plus it brings to fresh southern Watermelon to cold century like Russia.

Glow Recipe

$21 – 1oz


Winkle Tricks Lip Bundle 

Three liquid lip shimmers to the Motherland.




Lip Tint 

This product not only brings sweetly scented it uses thousands of rose petal to create it.

Color: Coco Rose




8Q Warm Master Blush Palette

Warm tones added to the cheek that include “corals, apricot, peach, grapefruits, pink punch, ginger and amber” tones.




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