Sand & Gold | No Locals the Global Connections 18′

Smart closet

Temperature region: Egypt

Yellow, white, and gold remind me of a sunrise or sunset that would match the setting of Egypt. This wasn’t particularly towards the pyramids but the area or setting I was going towards. When coming across different lands there is different areas and excetera. I think sand, heat, sun, large bodies of water and open desserts when in Egypt.


Melissa Gown

Lovers + Friends



Penny Knotted Lamé Sandals 

Loeffler Randall




This boxy mini leather bag was something I put for some essentials. When in Egypt you walk a lot and I don’t need to be there to know that landscape requires small bags. Why? This maybe just me but it’s easier to carry something small and less heavy than something bigger like a backpack or tote that can be heavier.

Pandora Mini Leather Messenger Bag





According to Ask Aladin your Egypt Travel Experts Temperatures can range from “99°F – 55°F” as a average but in the desert speaks different kinds of heat waves ranging from “114°F during daylight hours, to a minimum of 6° C (42° F) after sunset”. In that said sunglasses are a must.

Oversized sunglasses 

Max Mara



Shimmers, light pinks, yellows, orange and dusty pinks I felt was neccessary and can work for any skin tone. I feel like the left side of the Lightning Bronzer is more for the day cause of it’s light colors and the right side is more evening either way more sides are gorgeous.

Lip Gloss

Color: Courage

Kjaer Weis



Ambient Lighting Bronzer

Color: Luminous Broze Light




Candleglow Luminizing Palette

Color- Beige

Laura Mercier



Eau de Velour 

Size: 75mml

Bottega Veneta




Gold, gold and lots of gold. Not does gold match the setting and look it is apart of the culture in Egypt. Tge pendant I used in this look by Jennifer Meyer is a Good Luck Charm.

Good Luck Charm Pendant Necklace 

Jennifer Meyer



Pearl Necklace 

Goossens Paris



Double Finger Ring 

Trilogy Carbon & Hyde



Small impatiens earrings 

Oscar de la Renta


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