Arid Cloud 9 | No Locals the Global Collection 18′

Amid Region: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This was one of my hardest but greatest places to make a outfit for. I always thought Dubai and the countries around the Dubai in the United Arab Emirates were fascinating. The art, the fashion, the fact that I considered it a jewel almost like a work of art. This look was hard cause there is 6 countries around the Untited Arab Emirates. Not knowing which to pick I had picked it on my own. I wanted to mention all of my favorite classic designers that I started to pick out my looks from the very beginning.

Mens closet

The way I wanted to make this look was not as a “matchy matchy Granimals”  kind of feel but more of something that can easily flow well together. When I first had my eye on a Burberry tee. The color scheme was red, white and blue. The fits colors mostly mentioned calf colored brown, blue, and gold.

Logo Print Cotton T-Shirt 




Logo Detail Nylon shorts 




Mens Turnout Suede & Nylon Sneaker

Adidas Alexander Wang 




Vintage Check Ranger backpack 




Zip wallet





Velvet basketball cap 





Polished curves ring 




Decorative engraving signet ring 




Master Collection Watch 40mm 



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