Saudi Arabia goddess | No Locals the Global Collection 18′

Smart closet

Arid Zone: Saudi Arabia

All forms of gold and its beauty I feel that on any skin tone any look anyone can rock a bold gold. When I think God’s and goddess I think this. People that follow me or see my looks KNOW I love gold and its beauty. This was the way I wanted to end my look was because anyone and everyone can look good in it like other beauty looks.

Nail Polish

Color: Oxblood No.303




Acqua Di Fiori 50ml way de toilette 




Satin Lipstick 

Color: Honolulu Honey




Lobilaque Lip Gloss

Color: Iriza

Christian Louboutin 



Sculpting Lash & Brow Gel

Color: Colorless

Make Makeup 



The Neo Blush 

Color: Sunset

Kevyn Aucion 



20 year Anniversary eye pallete

Color: Neutral

Colors in the pallete: Selenkey’, ‘Nanu’, ‘Gawa’ and ‘Kamok’





Baguette Fringe Necklace 

Ileana Makri 



Double Pearl Ear Cuff 




Pagoda Fruit Mismatched Earring 




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