Rare diamond in the rough | No Locals the Global Collection 18′

Smart closet

Temperature Region: Morocco

I added my own spin on the orginal quote ” a diamond in the rough” to saying a “rare diamond in the rough” my thoughts of this saying are you are being different in the world that may be the same. The name came from the appearance of excepting your the same when being different.

When I think of lace and pearls I think of some place fancy. Somewear like a ball or party. This outfit I wouldn’t find it fancy cause of it’s lace features, I actually find it causal from the lace from being on trouser with a bando like shell corset top. Even after all the jewerly that girl in that fit looks different.

She not fancy.

She not simple.

She just different.

Woman different inside and out.

But she don’t mind looking fly doing it in Morocco. ūüôā

Leather trimming shell corset 




Floral lace baggy trouser 




Casati peral Derby shoes 

Nicholas Kirkwood 

$1,095 ( sale on Farfetch $1,046)


Fold over shoulder bag 

Saint Laurent 




Baguette bracket 




Shell necklace 




Record print foldover tote bag 




Draycott sunglasses

Finaly & Co 



Brown and black wool hat 

Ruslan baginskiy



Braid velvet headband with crystal 





Lip tint compact 

Kjaer Weis 



Huile De Magnolia for Face And Body colorless


Leonor Greyl


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