Swims along Cabo | No Locals the Global Collection 18′

Mens closet

Tropical Region: Mexico

Sorry ya’ll it has been a minute since i have posted but this posted really inspired me to do cause of the hot weather and clear views. Rose pinks, greens, burnt orange is the palette I thought of Arch of Cabo San Lucas. My favorite part of this piece are these pair of grassy green colored swim trunks and burnt toned slides. I really have been obsessed with dark green and it is one of those colors like black you can pair it up with almost every other color on the spectrum.

Pink Tall Logo T-Shirt 

Helmut Lang 



Logo print swim short 




Givenchy logo Slides 





Curb Chain Necklace Silver 

Marine Ali 



Eyewear Desertic





Designer printed backpack 




Tonal 4-Bar Strips Leather single cardholder 

Thom Browne 




Comme Gracons 2 Man 

Comme des Garcons Parfums 



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