Sweet Pavlova mornings | No Locals the Global Collection 18′

Smart closet

Tropical Region: Australia

If you don’t know what a Pavlova is it’s a whipped cream cake with fresh fruits  on top. Almost like a cake I was inspired to make this beauty look based on the food. Pavlova is said as a popular cake is Australia. Red cherry lip from Lorac to Peachy Eyeshadow Palette from Too Faced. Soft Palette with sweet treats. I wanted to start adding more to my makeup looks like primer and headbands. I want to bring back the nail polish in the makeup look sets.

Dual Intensity Blush




Sugar Peach Dry and Wet Faced Palette

Too Faced



Long wear liquid Eyeliner 

Fenty Beauty



Lip Stain

Alter Ego



Nail Polish

Smith Cult



Cool as a Cucumber primer




Metal Double headband



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