My main points | No Locals the Global Collection 18′

Smart closet

Mild Mediterranean region: Italy

These are some of the main designers I look at and look foward to seeing new pieces from.  They have a long history of doing great work. The works I made in the past focused on major designers, now I look at new designers.

Italy is such a main part of Europe along with many other countries. I wanted to give my European fashion designers credit.


Cropped Layered Lace and trimmed satin and printed cotton jersey top 




Boyfriend jeans 

Maison Margiela 





Maxi H283 sneaker 





Medium Leather shoulder bag 






Eyewear squared framed sunglasses




25mm mini nylon industrial belt 

Off – White



Clyde Gauze trimmed Straw sunhat





Stainless Steel Custom Bezel And Pink MOP Dial 36mm 



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