Art=Barcolona Art=fashion | No Locals the Global Collection 18′

Men's closet

Mild Mediterranean: Barcolona, Spain

Fashion is an image that features different styles. The world is an image with different countries. Nothing is the same, even though from afar they look like green pieces of land with large seas. Barcelona is a country that stands out for it’s building designs, different from every other country you may have seen.

Fashion and Barcelona’s beautiful buildings I can compare to the artwork. Timeless, memorable and different this is fashion and Barcelona to me.


Black Print Face T-Shirt 




Distressed straight leg jeans 

Faith Connexion

$490 ( sale on Farfetch for $294 )


Black Bandana Buckle Boots





Burberry For Men Eau De Toilette 






‘Dreamer’ print leather trimming Backpack 

Paul Smith



Multicolor Dreamer Print Wallet 

Paul Smith




Gold Dog Tag Neckace 




Gold Lion Ring 




Silver Chevalier Ring

Maison Margiela 



Gold & Silver Curb Chain Ring 

Maison Margiela







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