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Cold Tundra: Georgia 

This kit features products used for the overnight beauty routine. The products range from items to make your lips smooth or rid your face of acne. Some products allow you to mix them as a base, while others dissolve into the skin. These beauty products will keep you shining for your long overnight flight.

Row 1

Seaweed Night Cream

Keeps skin hydrated overnight which also can be layered over your favorite serum.

Mario Badescu 



Lapcos  Smoothing Gel 

Use in small amounts and rub gently in the skin until it dissolves completely.




Bloom print silk headband 




Black Felix Sunglasses

Tom Ford



Row 2

Agave Lip Mask


A rose gold lip tint that gives you smooth soft lips using a lip mask.









Row 3

Face Oil 

Fight blackheads and blemishes helps reduce acne by using tea tree and cumin oils. Use 3 times a week morning or night.


Sunday Riley



Naked Skin Color Correction Fluid

Reduces flaws and small imperfections of the skin using a light formula to reduce redness.

Naked Skin Mini product packaging  Guide 

  • Green= reduce redness (one in the picture)
  • Pink= brightness in dark areas
  • Yellow= Corrects dullness
  • Peach= mask circle spots

Urban Decay


Macha Magic Super antioxidant mask

Take away dirt, oil, redness, and tired skin and replace with a glowing complexion. The magic happens in 10 -15 minutes, rinse with warm water.




Travel Rose Cleanser Wash 

Smelling the “Parisian gardens” using Aloe Vera instead of water it’s clear to make skin glow.


French Girl




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