October beats 10

A few post back I mentioned my interest in music. Below is a list of a few meaningful songs I’ve been listening to in this past month. I’ve used my favorite lines to represent all 10 songs listed:
The way to describe this October playlist is it has some upbeat songs to dance to, while other songs feel very mellow and straight to the point. Songs about love, relationships and break ups. Please continue to follow on this journey with me.




Picture from YouTuber : Jaeguchi

NCT 127- Come Back color coded lyrics link below

Come back- NCT127



“But I find it kind of rude that you can’t even call
I wish I done knew that before I let you have it all
Oh, funny, mmh
Now I know it was your plan all along
To leave before my alarm”

One Night Only- Mahalia ( ft. Kojey Radical) 


“I know how to make mistakes
Wasn’t grown enough to fake them
Everybody makes mistakes
Do we live and learn to brave them?”

Another Lifetime – Nao 

R&B ( including: slow beats )


“I wanna know if its alright if I
Ride with you
There might be bumps in the rode
But if you hold my hand we’ll be fine
Just take your time
Time, time is on your side”

Ride – Peyton 


“Lately i’m relating to em less
Queens girl, big world, she just doing her best
I’m in another realm
I know it overwhelm
Too flame, too lit, lately thats just how i feel”

Everything is a joke《E》- Dounia


Yeah, you played me, you played me, you played me
Lowdown, dirty, shameful, crazy
I need to know how the new n**** you got does the same thing
I do for a living but is way less wavy

Jaded《E》 – Drake 

R&B ( including: upbeat beats )


“Another memory that I’ve outgrown
No stress
You don’t deserve it
Baby you ain’t worth it
So I won’t let you ruin my day “

Move- Kara Marni 


“Always tryna keep in touch for now
Think I need to be alone for the night
I might do a little wrong, it’ll be alright
Now you in a situation you don’t like
Got you singing sad songs, you will be alright”

Yernin 《E》- Seyvn Streeter


“It’s been a while but I’m still like before
Only thing that’s been changed
Is my money and my clothes”

Put You On- Amber Mark (ft DRAM)



“No guap, baby girl, huh, that’s that real love
Baby, you was riding when things was tough
Baby, you a whole diamond in the rough
You know you’re forever mine
I’ll never leave you behind
Forever mine”

Forever World 《E》- Lil Yachty ( ft. Trippy Red)

All about the visuals 

I’ve always been satifited when my favorite songs plays with visuals of their take on the song. It leaves me interested for more. Some of my song in this past month are older, videos that have already been released while others are new. I wanted to share these songs with you.

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