A imaginative autumn / winter

Mens closet

During times of below freezing temperatures this is the time where the warmest outerwear coats, oversized sweatshirts and bold accessories come into play. The autumn/winter season is the best time for layered looks .

Winter is the season for a moto 70’s inspired jackets from Burberry with a leather band around the waist and zipped cuffs. Paired with a imaginative sweater that has a sketch of ‘Le Rêve’ by ‘Le Douanier’ Rousseau which means “the dream” by Kenzo. Kenzo Takada was capavated & inspired by his first visit of to the museum of Paris. Another piece included in this look is a knit bohemian styled turtleneck by Raf Simon. This looks leaves no room for autumn and winter chills.



Shearling Moto Jacket




Black Atari Souspull turtleneck 

Raf Simon 



Black Sketech Memento Sweatshirt 




Black and White Chino Throser 

Raf Simon



Black garment Chelsea boot

Paul Smith




Colour block backpack





Round Frame acetate sunglasses 




Acrylic Watch Beanie 




Large logo scarf 




Gold pendant 

Tom wood 



Exclusive Gold Birdcage Knots necklace 

Emanuele Bicocchi 


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