Shore showers

Mens closet

The location I was going for in this look was by the shore while taking a stroll on the boardwalk. When I think of puffers and denim jackets I imagine a chilly breeze day by the blue sea. Creating a theme that reminds me of a rainy day at the shore.

The Loewe denim knee patch and ‘Power of Dreams’ Balenciaga puffer were the beginning of creating the look. Nect I choose a vintage corduroy Sandro jacket and a ‘Loewe‘ denim lettered hoodie. An outfit isn’t complete without a few accessories. I added a Off-White crest scarf with a blue Eastpack EditionMSGM backpack used also as a crossbody and Thom Browne cap. These are my veiws the look on a cold damp day.

Collar puffer coat




Cut hoodie 




Patch jeans 




Jungle Nylon & Leather sneaker 

Fear Of God









Blue Easpak Edition Logo Backpack





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