2019 chat


Dear visitors of lovechiclifestyle,

The first thing I want to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! This new year I expect great things. These were my 6 most successfully viewed post. These post were mostly beauty post and one womens fashion post. Skincare to makeup, beauty has always been something I look foward to seeing more of. This is the same for fashion every season I find something new I try to further learn & explore.
My favorite place to go to is the mall. I will go to all the high end stores and speak with the associates about my blog. I ask them questions to see what’s new, certain things I should look for in fashion and beauty. I find that everything moves so quickly, I always feel like I need to be on top of my game. If I am not making a post I am watching my favorite beauty and fashion influencers on YouTube. I will scroll for hours on Instagram screenshoting and making new post.
I want … to be able to chat and give you all more written post and notes for looks to come.
I enjoyed this year, I am trying to set new goals and plans for this year being even more special. These 6 post are  showing me that you like my beauty and fashion post. I love that and I appreciate the love and support. I truly can’t wait to create new post in this year.



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