My go-to Instagram favorites (everyone should know)

I always  have been that person to try new things explore new pages on social media. Social media for me, a sophmore now in high school ,is all I live on. I gives me the motivation everyday to start a new post . Social media , I feel , allow me to connect with more people. It is not just liking things, gaining likes or posting.

My definition of Blogging is using a place or a things I have seen.Then building from scarch an idea turned into life .

But enough about blogging lets get into the social media.


Instagram usar: @hypebae

The Hypebae website is filled with new fashion, beauty,  footwear, health, travel, food, home and entertainment. I use this page mostly for new fashion, beauty and footwear releases on Instagram. This is one of my favorite pages on instagram because it shows diffeent peoples fashion related OOTD (Outfit Of the Day).



Dirty boys get clean

Instagram usar: @dirtyboysgetclean

The instagram blogger noted above is full of all of the lastest skincare and beauty products in his layouts. In the pink format it allows you to take time to look at each product.The beauty blogger, Matt Eden is also a writer for Glossier.




Instagram usar: @byrdie

The Instagram address above has “beauty, on a need-to-know basis” which to me means that they show the lastest new releases in beauty from skincare to makeup. The theme of their instagram at first glance is clean , up close images , mostly of coral and apricot shades in each picture.  Their is a link to the page called that allows you to tap any picture featured on the instagram page or a article.




Instagram Usar: @naked

Are you a sneakerhead or just person that loves new active fashion?  If you love activewear this is the site for you because it shows every shoe that you’ve seen everyone wearing along with new feminine sneakers that you may not have seen. I can count on this page for my wish list for the next event that you may want to find a new shoe for . Each new season you will find the newest looks from Jordan, Onitsuka Tiger  , Adidas, Nike to Fila . You will run into people with fashion images in activewear from top to bottom.




Instagram page: @Farfetch

I feel like if you adore high end fashion as much as I do, you need to know Farfetch. This is one of the many sites I build my looks from. Everytime I look at the page I find something I have never seen before. Everything that relates to fashion is there from men’s to womens fashion.



Hypebeast drops

Instagram Usar: @hypebeastdrop

This site Focuses on one or more outfits to gain knowledge about the latest collaborations in men’s fashion. The new men’s accsories, and everything relatating to up & coming products. This is a site that doesn’t do throwback looks but does future fashion Hypebeast Drops is your place to go.

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