The city’s lights

screenshot_20190107-233735_mod man

A cold winter full of a dark midnight sky and snowfall. New York City and Soho shops & lights brighten up the city. Something about New York makes every look give off a certain style at any time and place.

Black and white were the first colors I seem to think of for this look. I feel like those two colors you can’t go wrong with for any look. My most cherished piece on this look is the Landlord Faux Fur bomber Jacket it’s a thick and warm replacement to the traditional puffer jacket. The next pieces I wanted to add was a basic Off-White hoodie Virgil Abloh was inspired by the younger generation and street style. While Palms Angel’s focused on the skate and surf culture with its inspiration shown in the athleisure pants . In Burberrys AW19 collection chunky high tops which I felt coordinated well with the look. I wanted to count on Valentino to bring out a sense of elegance and luxury by using their messagener bag. Of course, I can never forget the small accessories with the Acne Studios logo scarf, Bamford watch and Stella McCartney wallet.

Layering with a thick sweatshirt and faux fur jacket gives this look more to offer in style as we prepare for the changing weather.

We heart it social media picture
We heart it social media picture

Faux Fur Bomber Jacket 



Hooded sweatshirt

Off- White


Drawstring track trousers

Palm Angels


Suede and Neoprene High-top Sneakers




Medium VLTN messenger bag


$1,295 (Sale of Farfetch for $648)



Black Toronty Logo Scarf

Acne Studios


Department Mayfair watch



Members Only wallet 

Stella McCartney


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