Caught a flight

Your closet

When I begin my looks I try to pull it together based on colors, either all dark or all light. Sometimes I would change it up with a pop of color.

Traveling with style to me is something that isn’t to bold but doesn’t look to relaxed. For this look I kept a consistent dark theme of solid black, burnt orange and brown. It started with Prada Nylon Gabardine anorak jacket, and the orange T-Shirt from Heron Preston. Accesories for me are key so I add a Acne Studio beanie & card holder , Balenciaga black ring and thick Gucci scarf. I chose to change up the look by adding a light colored Element 87 sneaker and A-cold-wall throuser. I would describe this look as a different kind of Travel style because its color are simple and the styles are different.

Nylon Gabardine Anorak jacket



L/S CTNMB Mock Meck T-Shirt in Orange

Heron Preston

$287 (sale for $172.99)

Eleasticed wide leg trouser



React Element 87




Black Peele Beanie

Acne Studios


GG pattern fringe scarf



Black & Silver Chevaliere ring



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