Odd December Fall

Weather changes are as up & down as fashion trends . One day it’s 12F, the next day it’s 50F. Some people rely on the weatherman to help choose their wardrobe while I rely on my phone. My goal was to make a look that is chic, colorful and warm.

Have you ever noticed a change in your color wardrobe from fall to winter season? I have , today I challenge myself by using different colors that remind me of fall. These colors included orange, red, yellow, grey , next I used pieces from different looks to make a winter related outfit. When you think December you think cold but fall you think warmer. I wanted to find a balance that would bring together all the strange weather changes.

Aysmmetrical Trench Coat



Collar D ringed cotton blend blouse

Regina Pyo


Orange leather thouser



SSENSE exclusive pink Mannahan sneaker

Acne Studio



Red patent small Logo wrist poutch



Small potch



Gold thin jeweled twin skull bracelet

Alexander McQueen


Kennedy Acrylic Hoop Earrings

Cult gaia



Logo beanie



Black 838 C2 Sunglasses

Linda Farrow Luxe


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