A pig New Year

Your closet

Before I start this post I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. The theme of this post was using the significant colors (gold and red) and pig to match the setting of Chinese New Year.These beauty brands either embraced the year of the pig or gave me inspiration for this look.

According to Refinfery 29 the colors gold and red ” convey happiness and prosperity”(Cory Steid). My favorite product in this post is the Becca highlighter. I feel the image of the pig on the highlighter would make anyone golden and lucky. Fresh and glowing beauty products were user for inspiration to celebrate Chinese New year .

BlitzTrance Lipstick

Flesh Fatale is a bronze golden lipstick with a shimmer pink pearl finish.

Pat McGrath


Black Tea Komatcha Facial Treatment

Solve problems with skin aging and preventing pollution by using African fruits to smooth appearance of the skin.




Shimmering Skin Prefector Pressed Lunar New year Year of the pig

A light orange and baby pink highlighter with golden shimmer pearls.



Shade and Illuminator

This product is made to shape and contour the face. When using highlighter that glows like lights and a blush that is full of pigment.

Shade: 01 Scintillate

Tom Ford


Obsession Eyeshadow Pallete

A night out for celebration with a new fresh start to a causal everyday look that gives joy to the face.

Huda Beauty


Ambient Lighting Blush Collection

This blush comes with a coral bright pink and a side of sandy shimmer.

Diffused Heat



Enzyme Peel treatment

This power formula removes dead skin and brightening skin by it’s exfoliating treatment.

70g or 2.5oz

Amore Pacific


Sugar tint Sunscreen SPF 15

A rosey tint lip balm with sunscreen for mousizer and use a formula with buildable color.

Fresh Beauty


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