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In honor of Black history month I wanted to make a post that is dedicated to some of my favorite designers. Virgil Abloh the creative designer for Louis Vuttion Menswear and Off-White. Olivier Rousteing currently the designer of Balmain prior to Balmain he was head of design for Roberto Cavalli. Kerby Jean- Raymond designer of Pyer Moss brings social issues to the runway. Heron Preston described by Wikipedia as “artist, creative director, designer and DJ”. Martine Rose is London designer creating menswear and she is inspired by reggae and rave looks since 2007. Recently she collaborated with Nike on the ‘Air Monarch IV’ sneakers. These are all designers that I look up to who are making great looks. I am inspired by their large selection of pieces.

I feel like dark denim brings sophisticated and classic to the look & it’s perfection.

Denim Jacket

Martine Rose


Most likely you don’t see a crop hoodie in menswear. I think this piece is special because of it’s fine lines. I loved the kangaroo pocket in the front.

Black Cropped hoodie

Pyer Moss


These patch denim skinny Jean’s speak to imperfection at it’s best.

Patchwork distress Skinny Jean



This collaboration with Nike reminds me of vintage Dad shoe with it’s bulky design. They come in a bubblegum pink, silk black and white with blue featuring ‘Martine Rose’ signature.

Air Monarch IV Sneakers

Martine Rose x Nike



This hint of purple makes me feel the love and the colors it reminds me of the beautiful bouquet.

Pull Belt

Heron Preston


Thick scarfs for cold winter.

Industrial Scarf


$920 (sale price for $644)


Gold plated Heron Preston, simple logo necklace.

Gold Style Necklace

Heron Preston



The design of a American flag woven on the side of the bag. This bag accents the shoulder straps, two side pouches and a mesh pocket on the inside .

RCXPM Duffle Bag

Rebook x Pyer Moss

$298 (sale price for $208)

Long wallet with Heron Preston mirror design.


Heron Preston


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