90’s Retro Summer

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When I first start a look I have a vision ,this vision then is made into reality. I learned of Off-White’s collaborations with ‘the Simpsons’ main character Bart Simpsons. Never could I imagine that a classic American sitcom would be used in fashion.

The beginning of the look was theOff -White x the Simpsons tee. Why was the main focus Bart Simpsons you may ask? According to Dazed Magazine Virgil Ablgboh explains

“The rebel without a cause! Bart Simpson is the face of that,” Abloh explained

I adored the collaboration so much I felt the need to add the ‘ALL GONE – The World is Yours’ book by La MJC showcasing all the finest streetwear from sneakers to clothing. EVERYTHING! You can imagine to keep yourself educated on street style. The main colors I focused on were red and neon because I’ve been seeing a constant neon trend. This was seen in the neon MISBHV jacket. Then the G.I.A. red sweatpants and Nike Shox Sneakers give a comfortable and sporty look. Since red sneakers arn’t that common. I added the Nike Shox shoe because they remind me of a flame, it’s design and bright color made them unquie. Seeing the neon jacket, you better believe that I needed a neon accessory. I matched the color of the neon MISBHV jacket with the Marc Jacob neon bag. Along with the futuristic rectangular sunglasses from Super Retrosuperfuture.

I added the smallest pieces of jewerly I thought of stones that were tastfully done. This made me choose the WWAKE Linear diamond earrings, and Bias diamond necklaces. On the other hand a bold star Foundrae ring and Tulsete heart hoops. You may be thinking …Why do I have two pairs of earrings that are completely different? It’s all because of my love for people with more than one ear piercing. It gives people options if you are like me and only have 1 ear piercing. You can go bold with the heart hoop or keep it classic like ‘The Simpsons’ with the linear earrings. Whenever I see this look it gives me a 90’s Summer vibe with a retro touch.

Chambox Jacket



Bart Simson Tee

Off -White


Kasan Pants



Shox Sneaker




Snapshot fluro Camera Bag

Marc Jacobs






All Gone – The world Is Yours

By: La MJC



Linear 14-karat gold diamond earrings



Opal & Diamond Bias Necklace



Star 14k diamond ring



Resin Heart Hoop



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  1. Those earrings are so pretty!

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    1. I agree, they’re 100% gorgeous.

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