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Your closet

When I think of a mix between a western desert look and a tropical paradise, I see this outfit. Summer is around the corner, and I’m looking for the up & coming trends.

I started this look off with the Off-White cowboy boot to give a shift from the norm. It’s funny , I also thought of adding this boot based on the song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. You’ll may have heard it several times on the radio the “country /rap” song (I tagged it for y’all) :). Anyways, the main colors were different shades of blue representing sailboats on the ocean. I started with a Heron Preston graphic tee I was attracted to its bold colors and graphics. Next I added the Pierre Balmain denim jean to match perfectly. The sun of summer brings the heat & it’s a necessity to wear a Levi cap that ties in the blue theme. A few key jewels including a Citizen blue face watch, Orlebar Brown sunglasses, and a small Loewe gold and silver ring just because I am obessed with gold. I started this look with Off-White and I am ending with it. I used a washed blue denim crossbody with yellow “iconic” belt strap. My image for this fit is a chill weekend somewhere warm and fun, it’s could be a festival or a warm day by the sea.

When I think of a mix between a western desert look and a tropical paradise look I see this outfit. Especially since summer is around the corner, I’m looking at the new fashion looks.

Graphic Tee

Heron Preston


Denim Pant

Pierre Balmain

$264 (orginal price $440)

“For Walking” boot




Belshed denim crossbody




Logo cap



Square-frame sunglasses

Orlebar Brown x Linda Farrow



44mm dress watch



Sliver & Gold flipped ring



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