Utility with a twist

Let’s talk UTILITY FASHION. Countless times I have seen utility looks on men and women. I seem to catch on to this futuristic way of looking at fashion. Most of the time Ive seen utility fits in one of two ways. Either all one common color such as black then add hints of grey and white accessories. Another way I see is a block color. I describe this look by using brighter colors such as red, orange and white. The main way I wanted to switch the way I would see utility looks is to add prints.

The first piece I started with is the A-COLD-WALL* vest. I have seen A-COLD-WALL* several times in utility fashion. Next I found a painted green T-Shirt which I thought symbolized money with a Kenzo logo. The pants I used in this look were from Maison Margiela. By adding a pop of purple with the Adidas x Alexander Wang sneakers it made me love the look even more. I think highly of the collaboration of the two brands . The piece which ties the utilty style together found by using the brand Maison Margiela featuring one of my favorite items, the reflective bag. I mention this bag in ” A veiw of Lamu No Locals Global Collection 18′ “, which if you havent seen that collection I HIGHLY SUGGEST. The jewerly, I kept for the most part , n a common silver theme. First the Martine Ali silver necklace with Pearls Before Swine cuff bracelet. The Bell & Ross watch pairs with the Maison Margiela with the utilty green trousers. Even though wallets aren’t what I consider jewelry the mirror Alexander McQueen went perfectly with the jewelry, the final piece ends the look with the Persol Avior sunglasses ,to handle all the heat. Putting this look together you get a utility look with a twist .

Utility Vest



Loose fitting sports wear tee



Zipped trousers

Maison Margiela


Wang body run sneaker

Adidas and Alexander Wang



Reflective bag

Maison Margiela



Mirror wallet

Alexander McQueen






Nighlum 42mm

Bell & Ross


Money Clip necklace

Martine Ali

$419 ( orginal price $695)

Silver Cuff braclect

Pearls Before Swine


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