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Your closet
Your closet

Shout out to the night shift, late night studying students and hard workers of the world. I got a few products to share to still feeling fresh and keep your grind. This look features a few different type of productd including: lip scrub, eye cream, sleeping oil, and so much more. I wanted to make a skincare look that preps the skin go long hours and hardwork. I’ll start this look by taking about the eyes everything eyes. The first product that I saw was the Ohii Wake up pen which inspired me to create a look just off the bases of staying of late doing productive things. The ‘Wake Up’ creates a dewy illuminating glow for the skin. One easy and helpful product that I had to mention was the ohii Spray Serum, only because you can conti uously mention on a everyday basis. To do more pre for the under eyes and lips is the Glossier Eye +Lip Bubblewrap. This duo does both to keep according to Glossier ” thinner and more fragile” skin prepared and ready to work. I even have a product for parts of the body to help with improvments with redness to wrinkles from Sunday Reliey.

For lip products I used two products to make sure lips are never dry. The first product used to prep the lip is the Fenty Beauty lip scrub. Next tint the lip with a Buxom Powelip plump in the shade flushed in grape, berry pigment. For accessories, I would definitely need to add Barton Perreria reading glasses to make this look well rounded for everyone. A small Masion Margiela tote to hold all the products I used in this look in. Always keep on track and never run out of time with the Yunkik watch. Then mentioning a thriple hoop earrings and pereal earring cuff.

I love giving several small earring pieces for people with more than one piercing. This all goes together to keeping the look and yourself put together.

Wake up pen

The Wake up stick not only brings light to the face but adds a highlighter. It comes in a warm peach tint or a pearl transluent tint.

Tint color: Peach



Luna Sleeping oil

This oil includes improvements on dark spots, aging, uneven texture, dryness and dullness all in 4weeks. The product goes from blue to clear when it smooths on the skin.

WARNING: don’t use during pregnancy

Sunday Riley



Spray serum

This serum is use to hydrate and plump the skin. You can use this before or after makeup or use it in mat night.



Bubblewrap Eye+Lip

This product is use two a day and after cleansing and before moisturizing then the area around eyes and onto lips. Helpful for pump eye bags and a pump dedticated to the lips.



Pro kiss’r lip loving lipscrub

Fenty Beauty


PowerPlump Lip Balm

Pigment color: Flushed(berry)




Thurton Eyeglasses

These round square glasses are in a light pink translucent acetate hancrafted in Japan.

Barton Perreira


Mini tote bag

I wanted to mention a small tote just to keep these few essentials.

Masion Magiaela

$1,460 ( regular price $1,825)

Small Round White Flowers 36mm



Peral ear cuff



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