Tropical travels in fuchsia

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Your closet

Fuchsia is a color that is playful and chic it works with a causal everyday tee and jean short as seen in the picture or in a fabulous pantsuit. The Tropical travel season is officially here, in the Northern Hemispshere where I think about beaches, with cool looks, vivid colors and sunsets.

When I think of swimwear I think of two things unique cuts & technical designs. I want to focus on the solid fuchsia swimsuit with a deep V plunging top and high waisted bikini bottom from Flur de Mal. I liked this bikini because of it’s top cut and high waist bottom accentuating the legs to make you look taller. I always believe that a cover up is an essential part of completing the look. After a long day of pictures and laughes, & going out to dinner this look lets me look chic at all cost. I started off with the Proenza Schouler top that made this everyday top more artistic because of it’s contrasting colors and prism picture design. The light washed denim short from A Gold E from Turkey gives me a summer distressed denim look. The fushia trend of course, continued with the Vapoemax 2019 sneakers. The ones featured in this look , includes lightweight body, rubber sole and snug from the heel to sole of the shoe.

Let’s talk accessories, this look was giving a beach vibe. you would think a beach tote but to switch it up we use a MCM bag. Its small and easy to carry, and holdz all your necessity’s including keys, wallet, lipgloss & sunglasses. The Stella McCartney monogram pattern ruby red wallet is contemporary and bold. Protection from the heat is defiantly important therefore this waterproof Prada classic cap is perfect for the look & the ultra hot weather. Protection from.the heat is defiantly important, therefore my favorite accessories are sunglasses. I’m totally a fan of the pink of Linda Farllow glasses, they feature a gold chain with a moon charm for an astronomy feel . Golden chains and hoops can never get old, I picked the Baublebar link earrings and 8 Other Reason X Revolve Gizelle hoops to prove this point. Finally I added the Glossier Mango Balm Dotcom, needless to say you can build on this skincare look but this covers lip glow. It is a “can not live with out” product. This look I would not only describe as playful and fun but gives me a little bit of everything when I think summer heat, color, photos on Instagram and tropical travell I think of looks like this.

PSWL Flag tee

Proenza Schouler

$73 ( on sale original price $143)

Micha Short Avail

A Gold E


AirMax 2019




Pink Pluge High waist top

(Not mentioned in picture but goes with the high waist bikini.)

Flur de Mal

$94 ($118)

Pink Plunge High Waist Bikini

(Mentioned in the picture above)

Fleur de Mal

$75 ($250)


Mini tote



Monogram Wallet

Stella McCartney



Technical fabric cap



Chain detail sunglasses

Linda Farrow



Link earrings



Gizelle Hoop

8 other reasons x REVOLVE



Mango Lip Dotcom



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