Daylight skys

Fashion to me is a form of expression, a means in which you can change the typical trend. I’m interested in matching looks based on colors, and the way pieces are cut. In the summer months I look for bright or graphic shirts and different types of denim. While mixing it with some basic pieces, you can never go wrong. Other accessories, such as bags , I couple with the summer looks, based on patterns and themes, to finalize the idea of the trend statement I’m making .

The beauty of summer is that everyday is filled with living life from sunrise to sunset. You can wear this look anytime. Starting with a Heron Preston top featuring a bright printed bird design. Coupled with the Hed Mayner shorts which I found unique because of the cut on the side of the shorts. Pairing it with an artistic pieces such as the Air Force 1 Flyleather OS Nike. I’m drawn to this look because every picture can represent something different. When picking a layering piece I found A COLD WALL light weight vest. This look is full of bright summer colors. I also added the Bamford Mayfair orange faced watch with yellow Burberry frame glasses. The final accessory features a classic piece from Master Piece that represents simplificity with a Prada wallet. This look reminds me of fun in the sun with a casual twist.

Harness hoodied vest


$280 ( $467 )

Printed t shirt

Heron Preston


Draped side shorts

Hed Mayner


Air Force 1 Flyleather OS sneakers




Link backpack

Master Piece


Saffiano Logo Print



Jewerly / Accesories

Bamford Department

Mayfair watch


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