Moisturized 24/7

School for me is right around the corner so that means staying up late but still looking fully put together. A small bag with several main essentials. All to keep the skin feeling protected and glowing.

I am starting off with the sunscreen from Supergoop keeping skin protected from the start of the year. Next is the Witch Hazel Toner from Mario Badusso. According to Beauty Within “The effects from rose petals then helped to calm inflammation, reverse free radical damage, and soften skin.” In other words adding an extra boost to preserving skin. The Tatcha Luminous Dewy Mist keeps skin hydrated by using the three skin superfoods: algae, rice and green tea to give that dewy glow without interfering with the natural beauty look. Nothing is wrong with a little misty on the go, the Maison Margela perfume set which allows you to carry your favorite scent in a 0.08 oz bottle. Partnered with the Kiehls Body oil to help dryness and uneven texture. For a enhancing lip color, protecting lips with the Dior Lip Glow does the job. I felt that it was necessary to add something for the people studying or getting work done at night, I added the Kiehls Midnight Recovering. A product that erases eyebags and puffiness overtime, its qualities work overnight and leaves you feeling unrecognizable. When it comes to all of these product their needs to be a fabulous place to put them, I choose the Emilio Pucci bag. This bundle concludes the 24hr /7 pack of daily essentials to start the school year right .


SPF50 Sunscreen 




Witch hazel & Rosewater Toner 

Mario Badusio 



Luminous Dewy Skin Mist 




Nourishing Dry Mist mini




Replica Memory set

Maison Margiela 



Midnight Recovery 





Lip Glow




Logo mini bag

Emilio Pucci



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