A new generation

My inspiration for this look was inspired by the “burning down the house ” t shirt represents, the youth culture . I thought the phrase on the t-shirts is constantly changing , as menswear trends can be on fire one minute and low key the next. At first I started this look with the bold statement from Raf Simon . I added the wool blend pattern bomber jacket for transitional weather. I paired it with the RTA stonewashed skinny jean along with a silver sporty bouce Valentino sneakers.For accessories I used all asymmetric Raf Simon handbag coupled with the Prada banana sketch wallet. All the features combined with the “burning down the house” anthem supports the new and bold wave in fashion.

Wilma Bomber jacket

Vivienne Westwood


Harder Deeper T-Shirt

Raf Simon


Light weight skinny jean


$216 ($519 original price)

Bounce sneaker




Logo backpack


$ 1,074 ($1,790 original price)

Saffiano wallet



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