Ivy Park comeback

Smart closet

Today, I wanted to create two different looks (women’s & men’s) both representing the same Ivy Park x Adidas brand. For this look I wanted to celebrate Ivy Park as a brand because all Ivy Park fans have been waiting for this collection . Since “April 4, 2019” when the Ivy Park line announce the collaboration was coming soon.

As I scroll down my feed I noticed several celebrities from Reese Witherspoon, Zendaya to Diplo all received an “orange box”. The box was full of all the comfortable fashionable athlesure clothing in the line. What I loved most was that you can make several outfits using the same white, marron and orange colors mainly used in the collection. In this look I started out with the orange harnessing bag set , I’m in love with the bright orange color. I wanted to use pieces that I haven’t seen in one look together I added the maroon Convertible track jacket to match the Ivy Park socks and backless cap. The upper half of the body is full of orange and maroon tones and I included the orange Halter Ivy Park bra. The lower half of the body I wanted add white with the snap track pants matching the Ivy Park Nite Jogger Shoes. My main challenge was to put together a Ivy Park look that was different then prior fits I’ve seen on social media. This collection was a celebration for me after waiting almost a year before seeing the Ivy Park collaborate with Adidas.

Put together by: Layout app (on iPhone)
Instagram: @beyonce @wearivypark
Instagram: @beyonce

– sadly, everything was sold out at the time of this post


Convertible jacket


The look

Halter Orange Bra


Snap back pant


Logo sock 3 pair (black and white included)


Nite Jogger Sneakers



Harness Bag

Ivy Park


Ivy Park backless cap


Cover Post on Instagram from @beyonce

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