The “February Lovely” playlist

February isn’t just Black history month but it’s the best time to make a playlist that describes all forms of love self love, friendship and relationship) relating to Valentine Day . I wanted to share some of my favorite go to song for this month. The post shares my favorite songs that break down Love, Relationship Issues , self love with love everywhere in between. I name the different artist sound toward the song with continuous flow(artist is speaking fast) or , slow jams(the artist has adds a mellow sound). So, here is a snip it of some of my favorites.

– I put link to the video in the song title and to learn more about the person by tapping their name. Hope you enjoy!


1. That’s Alright by Rayana Jay

Genre: R&B / Soul

From: Richmond, Virginia, U.S

Continuous flow
Album cover: Love Me Right
Rayana Jay
Visuals from YouTube: “ Rayana Jay – That’s Alright (Official Video)” – Rayana Jay
Collage app- Layout (iPhone)

Knowing people for who they are. Nothing changes the outlook of the person and helps you to understand a life is worth living .

“Know I do you bad, know I do you good

But that’s alright (Baby, that’s alright)

Know I keep you high, keep you in the mood

But that’s alright (You know that’s alright)”

-Rayana Jay

“It’s all good with me (It’s all good with me)

You’re too good to me

Alright, that’s alright”

-Rayana Jay

“No more, “Let’s just pretend,” no more, “Let’s just be friends” (I’m with it if you with it now)

I’ll be down if you down to hit me when you in town, you

Know I keep you around (And ’round), and that’s alright (Uh)”

-Rayana Jay

2. Fomo by Sylo Nozra

Continuous flow

Genre: R&B / Soul

From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Album Cover: Sylo Songs
Sylo Nozra

Visuals from YouTube : “Sylo Nozra FOMO (Official Video)”- Sylo Nozra
Collage app- Layout(iphone)

This beat is groovy and gives me a summer vibe of a day at the beach surfing. Along with the twist and turns in literature . I love this song because it makes you think of more than the obvious in the lyrics. If I could paraphrase the song it would be “ dazed and in love” . I would call it this because in the song it describes A person that likes someone but doesn’t realize the other person likes them too.

“Real FOMO

By seeing your dumb face

I’m a nervous wreck when you spin round my days”

-Sylo Nozra

“It’s the same back and forth

Leaving out the door

Same, same”

-Sylo Nozra

“I try harder than your boyfriend does

But you will never know, it’s a lonely feeling

My my, I’m a sheep in these wolves clothes”

-Sylo Nozra

3. Get Me by Justin Bieber ft Kehlani

Continuous flow

Genre: R&B

Justin Bieber from: London, Ontario, Canada

Kehlani from: Oakland, California, U.S

Album Cover: Change (Justin Bieber)
Justin Bieber & Kehlani

A connection with someone that lets you know no one can understand how they fall in love all in one song.

“ See, you’re lookin’ beyond the surface

Can tell by the questions you’re asking

You got me low-key nervous”

-Justin Bieber

“Judgin’ by the way you open up, you get me”

-Justin Bieber

“Ooh, there’s so much chemistry

Like a chemist, how you finishin’ my sentences

In the center, no, we can’t deny this energy”


Um4. Own2 by April + VISTA

Slow Jams

Genre: Alternative/ Indies

April George (April George (violinist, pianist, vocalist, composer) & mattVISTA (producer, bassist, composer) based in : Washington, D.C.

Album Cover: You are Here
April + VISTA

In my opinion the song is about reaching for yourself and loving yourself. All of the factors that contribute to being a better person. The idea of “Standing on my own two feet” sharing a relationship in public and one person in the relationship ignoring the effects it has on the other person. The beats are mellow reminding me of calming sense of trying to have empathy for the person.

“ This is what I made for

Give me what I paid for

Said I know I am able

Lay it all out on the table

This is what I prayed for”

-April + VISTA

“ Give me blood

Give me strength

Give me power”

-April + VISTA

I’m standing on my own two now

And you can hand it over

Ain’t no better time than now

I got it all figured it out and

I know this is been gone for free

-April + VISTA

“You gonna make me hunt you down

And you know that ain’t good for me

For me”

-April + VISTA

“This is not a game no

I don’t really think so

I don’t do well with labels

No time to break it down

I got to make it myself”

-April + VISTA

5. Regardless by Miraa May

Continuous flow

Genre: UK R&B

Miraa May from: Algerian, UK

Album Cover: Care Package
Miraa May

This song is about self love and appreciating it even when you are in a relationship. In my opinion she is telling us “ Yes, I am in a relationship but I never need to depend on someone else”. She explains in another line that she is different and unique and that ‘you’ll never meet someone like me’.

“You won’t last a day in my shoes

I’m the one who wins, I never lose

I walk how I want to

I talk how I want to

I don’t care what they say

How they feel about what I do”


“Can’t buy this from the market

Let me, light up and spark it

Show me action baby I don’t wanna talk, yeah

Show me passion or I swear you’ll watch me walk”


“I could never take no disrespect

Disrespect me, it’s off with your head yeah, yeah

Most of them are faking for the net, yeah, yeah

I could never fake it”


Baby, please don’t get upset

Don’t turn around, tell me you’re vex

I told you this on the day we met

Day we met



1. Call me Up by Aolani

Slow Jams

Genre: R&B

Kalyn Aolani from: Los Angles, California, U.S

Album Cover: Aolani
Visuals from YouTube :“Aolani – Call Me Up (Official Video)”
Collage app- Layout(iphone)

I believe this songs discusses a relationship that is going faster than it needs to. Aolani ask to ‘call her up’ and see where things can go from there. She wants answers.

“I’m Sorry but I need to move slow

And I need you to wait

You’re trying to fill this space”


Baby if you call me up

And I’m just sitting at home

Come over if you want

And we can take things nice and slow”


2. Eyes on Us by Amber Olivier

Slow Jam

Genre: UK R&B

Amber Oliver from: North London, England

Album Cover: Amber Olivier
Amber Olivier

In my opinion this song describes a problem one person has in the relationship with public displays of affection. It talks of how the others person thinks their feelings are being ignored . The beats are mellow and make me feel like the person is trying to have empathy for the other person.

“There’re to many eyes on us…. to many people in our business.. ohh but it is what it is.”

“ how don’t you see us ….and I try to tell you”

3. Hide Out by Mahalia

Slow Jams

Genre: UK R&B

Mahalia from: Birmingham, England

Album Cover: Love & Compromise

Mahalia uses Eartha Kitt as a icon as a secret is being revealed . This song deals with a relationship/ friendship since the song focuses on trust.

“I don’t see no reason for a blowout

I was here the whole time, you were busy chasing

You don’t know what you had, I’m amazing


“Yeah, you striked out

All the times, thought that I didn’t know ’bout

All the lies you denied, but I know now

‘Bout your hideout

I can’t believe you thought I’d never find out”


4. Walls by Kaleem Taylor

Slow Jam

Genre: UK R&B

Kaleem Taylor from: West London, England
Album Cover: Version
Kaleem Taylor

A question about love. I would describe this as I read through the lyrics of this song. This song reveals a wall that blocks the answers to the questions.

“Maybe your heart needs truth so love can bleed when it wants ,What if my heart gave you a new reason to love”

-Kaleem Taylor

“How it makes you feel don’t keep me in the shadows”

“How it makes you feel don’t keep me in the shadows”

-Kaleem Taylor

5. Been Away by Brent Faiyaz

Slow Jam

Genre: R&B

Brent Faiyaz from :Columbia, Maryland, U.S

Brent Faiyaz

One thing I admire about Faiyaz is the emotions he brings in the music is with so much concern. He explains in the songs lyrics the challenges of being an artist and not being able to see your lover. He explains the glitz and glamour is nothing without having a person on your side.

“If I put my trust in you

What would you do?

Would you just step out? (Step out)

Would you thug it out? (Thug it out)

Would you be here to the end?”

-Brent Faiyaz

This penthouse view ain’t as beautiful as you

Won’t ever have time but I can make time for you

-Brent Faiyaz

“Know I used to tell lies but I would never lie to you

Shopping spree on my dime looking all kinds of new”

-Brent Faiyaz

6. 21 Question by 50 cents

Continuous Jams

Genre: Rap

Curtis James (50cent) from: Queens, New York, U.S


Asking questions because you still have love for someone through the ups and downs. Asking if you will still be there no matter happens.

“Like your smile I don’t wanna see you cry

Got some questions that I got to ask and I

Hope you can come up with the answers babe”

-50 cent

“If I fell off tomorrow would you still love me?

If I didn’t smell so good would you still hug me?

If I got locked up and sentenced to a quarter century,

Could I count on you to be there to support me mentally?

If I went back to a hoopty from a Benz, would you poof and disappear like

Some of my friends?

If I was hit and I was hurt would you be by my side?

If it was time to put in work would you be down to ride?

I’d get out and peel a nigga cap and chill and drive

I’m asking questions to find out how you feel inside

If I ain’t rap ’cause I flipped burgers at Burger King

Would you be ashamed to tell your friends you feelin’ me?”


“ And when you asked me about it I said it wasn’t me

Would you believe me? Or up and leave me?

How deep is our bond if that’s all it takes for you to be gone?”


“If I wrote you a love letter would you write back?

Self Love

1. Wrong by DaniLeigh

Continuous flow

Genre: R&B

Danelle Leigh from: Miami, Florida, US

Album Cover: My Present

A confusing situation you don’t know how you got in. I would describe this as knowing what you want and understanding you can’t get it from the person you want it from .

“Know that you gon’ miss me when I’m gone

If I give you all my feelings in this song

Just promise that you’ll never do me wrong”


“I know, I know just what I want”



2. Jungle Fever by Jidenna

Continuous Flow

Genre: Hip Hop , Afrobeat

Jidenna from: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, US

Album Cover: 85 of Africa

He explains his childhood in Nigeria in one of the many soundtracks in Jidenna the 85 to Africa. The sound is relaxing and peaceful as he relates to his parents.

“Man, my Papa drove a cab, right on Massachusetts Ave

Had to pay for undergrad, M.I.T, studied math

Black funky engineer, like his pants, had that flair”


“Mom, I try to get up early just like you

Pop, I work all night, I’m workin’ just like you”


“Think about you all the time… take my heart plus a ring”


“Mama grew up in the sixties, like a proper hippie

I grew up on Big and Pac and watchin’ Ren and Stimpy”


3. Rice & Stew by Knucks

Continuous flow

Genre: UK Hip Hop/ Rap

Knuckles from: Kilburn, London, United Kingdom

Album Cover: NRG 1.05

Knucks states that he and his lover always go together like rice and beans or peanut butter and jelly. I love the high notes and the concept is on point .

4.Catch the Sun -From “Queen & Slim: the Soundtrack” by Lil Baby

Continuous flow

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap

Dominque Jones from: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S

Album cover: Queen & Slim The Soundtrack
Lil Baby
Visuals from YouTube:Lil Baby- Catch the Sun (From Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack)”
Collage app- Layout (iPhone)

From the Queen and Slim soundtrack it was hard to pick one song . Lil Baby perspective of others being able to resolve conflict with you. Always having people that are supporting you which conmects to the movie Queen and Slim.

“We can’t never let ’em break our mind

We gotta stay strong

Conquer and don’t divide

How come at peace my heart already set on fire?”

-Lil Baby

“Sometimes I just wanna pop out on ’em and flip by

But I put my head on, I pray, I stay from off the route”

-Lil Baby

“On this road to redemption ….. get rocky and it’s wild”

-Lil Baby

“I’m so dumb

That I was thinkin’ that they could

When they really can’t, yeah

I was thinkin’ that they was, when they really ain’t”

-Lil Baby

“My life finally matter ’cause I got up and I’ma stay up

I know it lookin’ like a dream, but it ain’t everything it seem

Ain’t no tellin’ where I be if I ain’t have God or ain’t have my team”

-Lil Baby

5. Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey

Continuous flow

Genre: R&B , pop, soul, hip hop

Mariah Carey from: Huntington, New York, U.S

Visuals from Youtube: Heartbreaker
Collage app– Layout (iPhone)

This is a classic that I had to save for the end. I fall in love with the constant voice changes in Octave sung by Mariah Carey. Its an ultimate throwback because of its beat and playful vibe. Jay Z is just as iconic as Mariah Carey.

February Lovely playlist

  1. Alright by Rayana Jay
  2. Fomo by Sylo Nozra
  3. Get Me by Justin Bieber ft Kehlani
  4. Own2 by April + VISTA
  5. Regardless by Miraa May
  6. Call me Up by Aolani
  7. Eyes on Us by Amber Olivier
  8. Hide Out by Mahalia
  9. Walls by Kareem Taylor
  10. Been Away by Brent Faiyaz
  11. 21 Question by 50 cents
  12. Wrong by DaniLeigh
  13. Jungle Fever by Jidenna
  14. Rices & Stew by Knucks
  15. Catch the Sun -From “Queen & Slim: the Soundtrack” by Lil Baby
  16. Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey

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