The Sun is the best vitamin C (Clean & Cozy Collection 2020)

I thought long and hard what to do when creating this look. I used different places or events as my inspiration . After seeing this pandemic called the corona virus or the COVID-19 . People worldwide have been on quarantine. My goal was to make joyful, creative and stylish looks based on the comfort of your home. This includes everyday items that I wouldn’t ‘normally’ use such as lifestyle items (phone cases, coffee table books, mugs and more). The need to have a organized and positive mindset in your own home made me chose the name ‘Clean & Cozy’ Collection.

Bright colors, & soft textures are essential let’s start with the fun Henrik Vibskov floral packaged sardine sweater. Paired with the light blue trims and dark oversized denim from Republique Joseph. Since this is a different collection I added a different type of shoe , the Nike Air Jordan 13 CY. Even though at home it doesn’t mean you can’t carry a Commé Des Garçons tote and a cup of a coffee in the ‘Style is Forever’ mug from Polar Skate in the morning. While holding my ‘have a good time’ phone case I’m staying positive . An optional fashion choice of glasses made by Retro Super Future glasses coupled with Vivienne Westwood silver rings noting ‘quintessential symbols’. Warm, cozy and everything in between the best feeling to me is waking up Corona free & watching the sun rise .

Instagram: @neighborpic

Embroider Sardiness Jumper

Henrik Vibskov



Republique Joseph

€290 ($320.48)

Nike 13 CNY

Nike Jordan



Arron Square

Vivienne Westwood


Arron Seal Ring

Vivienne Westwood



Delicious logo tote

Comme Des Garçons



75 rectangle frame glasses

Retro Super Future


Style is Forever Mug

Polar Skate Co.


Colorful Logo iPhone Case

Have A Good Time

$15 ($30 original price)

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