Black Creators that’s inspired me to be a better blogger!

This is a inspirational post of my favorite fashion designers / stylist that showcase designs for my favorite celebrities. From the photographer who captured Beyoncé’s Homecoming, to a informative podcast of skincare I’m showcasing makeup creators and artist. Also noted are the other artist that take out the paint brushes or utilize the computer for illustrator. I featured various Black Powerful Artist.


Law Roach

Law Roach
1st row: Ariana Grande
Jameela Jamil
Celine Dion
2nd row: Mary J Blige
Kerry Washington
Tracy Ellis Ross
3rd row : Tiffany Hatish

I found Law Roach while I was going through a magazine one time and saw a picture with Zendaya. Later I found out that he is her stylist or “image architect” he calls himself. He is the man behind the scene that makes memorable art pieces for the celebrities in front of the camera.

He has worked with big names celebrities such as Celine Dion, Ariana Grande, Zendaya, Monica Brown, Brandy and Jessie J. In a VH1 interview he states “ They let me fly , they let me be creative.”

  • He has worked with big names celebrities such as Celine Dion, Ariana Grande, Zendaya, Monica Brown, Brandy and Jessie J. In a VH1 interview he states “ They let me fly , they let me be creative.”
  • He was born in Chicago to and has rose the the heights of being a judge on America’s Next Top Model .
  • He has also landed on the cover of Hollywood Reporter.

I wish everyone could see the hours and hours of prep, the emails, the notes, the missed Fed Ex shipments, the stress. I get really obsessive, especially with a new client. If they’re a musician (my team and I) look at every single music video, every single red carpet, every press appearance, and we dissect the things that we think are great.

He explains to Billboard

I always think that it’s my responsibility to figure out exactly who they are at this moment, or who they want to be, and help take them there.

He tells Billboard

LaQuan Smith

Photo LaQuan Smith

I started going through my feed and came across the LaQuan Smith Spring Summer 2018/2019 shows. I’ve never seen a show that displays such independence from the way the models walk, to the designs & even the hair. This was the start of me looking at fashion differently.

  • He is all about making a women feel great in their clothing he states “I want everyone in the room to say ,. “ damn I need to buy that dress”
  • At thirteen he got a sowing machine which he uses now to create the most iconic looks. He would take his mothers clothings and make it into his own.
  • After getting rejected from FIT and Parsons School of Design , he saw Lady Gaga wearing his legging when he was in the supermarket & that the sign he needed not to give up.

For me it’s about somebody that embodies the garment , the garment should wear her she should wear the garment.

E! Entertainment Front Five

Source 2

Christopher John Roger

Photo Christopher John Roger
All photo from @christopherJohnroger Instagram

I started my interest in Christoper John Roger when I was watching the 2019 American Music Awards and saw Lil Nas X wear a bright green crop jacket pant suit with a leopard underneath. It had a WOW factor! Seeing something so bold I scrolled through his Instagram and have followed his work ever since.

  • In 5th grade John found an archive of an Alexander McQueen show and since then he has obsessed fashion .

Someone that’s more mature very self- assures they know who they are they know what they want to say to the world and their not afraid to do it.

Christopher John Roger describing his customers.
  • He uses street wear, athleticism in his work and misses the day when people put forth a lot of effort to get dressed & put a look together.

The way clothes and cut and experimentation and making new clothes my self.


Someone that’s more mature very self- assures they know who they are they know what they want to say to the world and their not afraid to do it.



Pat McGrath

Photo Pat Mcgrath

All photos from Instagram @patmcgraph

She is described as the “Mother of Makeup” making looks that we’re always so vibrant. She looks at one theme and crafts each shade in the palette , & foundation to create fantasy character for each model. I have followed Pat McGraph since I was 13 and started experimenting with makeup. I have infused them into the looks on my blog she always keeps me inspired.

  • She connects with influencers such as Steven Meisel a photographer for I-D ( International Design Magazine and fashion director Edward Enninful.
  • She has worked with celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Björk.
  • The Lab was the first physical space to experience all the shades of Pat McGrath from the Fetish Highlighter, Lush lipgloss and the Mothership eyeshadow palette.

Cosmetics and beauty kind of all around in fashion my whole life I’m about six I was experimenting in makeup. I’d make mix oil and water I put it in the fridge and hope to make my own face creams.

McGrath tells Vogue

Source 1

Jackie Ania

Photo Jackie Ania
All photos from @jackieania Instagram

A Nigerian American makeup artist, youtuber and former US Army Veteran. Jackie Ania is one of the first makeup artist I started watching on YouTube. I’ve felt a sense of joy watching her videos and enjoying the beautiful looks she creates. The best part about YouTube is that someone can learn so much from them without meeting them .

  • Jackie Ania has been celebrated for many of her accomplishments including , the NAACP Award “YouTuber of the Year”
  • She released collaboration called the Beverly Hills Palette which featured Jackie Ania x Anastasia. She became a Ambassador of Rhiana’s line Savage FENTY along side Normani , Tinashe and Rico Nasty .
  • Jackie launches a second vlog channel JackieandDenis which is all about Jackie Ania’s personal life . I especially love her traveling videos when she goes on Brand trips.
  • She keeps it honest “You’ve got makeup brands that will launch 20 shades of beige,” is her quote from The New York Times .
  • Jackie started her you tube channel in 2009 and now has 3.36 million followers. Jackie begins every post with a song and dance “Jackiejackiejackiejackie”

Source 1

“ I would walk down the street and I would have women that I didn’t know … would literally stop me and say things things to me like ‘ I just want to say thank you I never thought having black skin would be beautiful’ ‘ Thank you for telling me that color can look good on my skin complextion’ This quote describes to me Jackie Anita impact thought on makeup.”

Ania tells WWD

Brooke DeVard

Photo Brooke DeVard
All hotels from @nakedbeauty and @brokedevard

About four to five months ago I started to get into podcast .I would take my phone everywhere to listen to a good podcast. Brooke DeVard keeps me informed about everything skincare. I obsessed over her conversation about self care . She teaches me about skincare and I utilize all of her information while making my skincare looks. Every podcast with a guest ends with the two quotes “What makes you feel the most beautiful” and “3 biggest beauty mistakes”. I love this because you see the persons progression in skincare.

Brooke DeVard was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota but moved to New York at seven. She had her own “Glamorous Eccentric” blog and was a Ford model “I modeled for Seventeen and Teen People. It was fun because I got to learn how images come to life.(Into the Gloss)” She was an intern at Vogue at 17 and studied at Stanford as a English major. Thanks

  • Brooke DeVard was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota but moved to New York at seven.
  • She had her own “Glamorous Eccentric” blog and was a Ford model
  • She was an intern at Vogue at 17 and studied at Stanford as a English major.

“I modeled for Seventeen and Teen People. It was fun because I got to learn how images come to life.”

Into the Gloss

“I thought maybe working in tech was cool for me because as a young person in fashion you can’t do anything, right? You’re not allowed to speak or have an opinion, you just steam clothes and pick up coffee. With tech I could have more of a voice and contribute to the work.”

Into the Gloss

When working at Burberry in their London office. “Burberry was doing really interesting digital tech stuff, so I thought it would help me marry tech with fashion.

Into the Gloss

Later working with Nokia where she learned “all of these short films about music culture. I got to do cool content marketing work, so it worked out for the best.

(Into the Gloss)

Photography /Artist

Delfin Finley

Photo Delfin Finley
Photo from @delfin Instagram

After being accepted into the Art Academy at my school I began the process of trying to determine my career path . There is thing that I always knew which was being creative I need influencers to look up to help see their art as I plan my own ideas. The first image was of picture to the middle far right corner of the green sweatshirt which I adore because it wrinkles and folds to create the true definition of making a photo into a painting.

  • Born in LA surrounded by fashion with designers and see a life art.
  • He uses portraits of PoC influence and his own experience as a “our current visual history (DAZED100)”.
  • Started painting at 19 whole finishing a Fine Arts degree in Pasadena. This lead to bigger things “first ever solo show, Some Things Never Change, in LA last year – where he sold every painting on the opening night.(DAZED100)”
  • He featured portraits of PoC, including Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Finley’s own father.

Experiences as a young black boy in America while taking inspiration from LA mural artists shown to him by his father.

Finley used his own experience he told DAZED100

Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley Photos
Photos from @kehindlewiley Instagram

Finding Kehinde Wiley all started with a conversation after watching the Daily Show with Trever Noah. He was on the show discussing a sculpture called “Rumors of the World 2019’. “The one thing that caught my attention was the bright colorful patterns intersect within the portrait. As you can he tell he takes color patterns & meshes then into portraits and moments of history in one.

  • Delfin Finley was born and raised in in South Central Los Angeles.
  • He began to studying art in art school at age 11.
  • Every weekend when he was younger he would spend at art conservatory classes creating pieces of work. He started with the basic apples and fruits and evolved into portraits.

In the late 80’s and was very much a part of the environment that was driven by some of the defining elements of hip-hop: the violence, anti-social behavior, streets on fire.

KW Studios

Further explains his childhood by stating I was fortunate because my mother was very much focused on getting me, my twin brother, and other siblings out of the hood.

KW Studios

Alexis Eke

Photo Alexis Eke
Photos from @alexiseke Instagram

I loved the warm red, brown, and orange tones that make this art work very calming and soothing. I remember finding these photos and acknowledging the aesthetics of the white dots from the eyes that create lines that come to the end of the page.

  • Toronto using portrait images with digital painting.
  • Apps used Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • According to CBC art she describe her art as “mix between Afrofuturism and contemporary Renaissance,”

I wish there was art that I could see that looked like me or artists that looked like me. I want to try and fill this gap by creating art that Black people can relate to in some way.

middle school she told CBC ART

Knowing the art you make for yourself has a positive impact on other people is a great feeling. Also, thinking about how far I’ve come with my art and who I’ve worked with within the past year keeps me motivated as well.



Raven B Varona

Photo Raven B Varona
Photo from @ravieb

Few may know my love for Beyoncé . When I found out that Raven B Varona was the girl behind some of the amazing visuals from the Beyoncé Homecoming performance, I was shell shocked . The photo, in the middle was the first photo I saw of hers . Through her work I have seen fashion campaigns of my favorite concerts and musicians she photographs.

  • Born in the Bronx, New York
  • A iHeart Radio award nominations
  • Photographed of Beyoncé and Jay-Z in a Rome arena and in the Annenberg Space

There is a certain level of prestige that comes with seeing your work in a museum,

New York Time“Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop.”

As much as photography is such a public thing, it’s truly made me value their privacy and their personal moments and how important that is to them. When it boils down to it, they’re humans, too.

Varona, the women behind photographing the top celebrities states New York Times

Cover photo


Using all of the collages from Layout app

Then used VSCO L6 Valley filter

(VSCO L6 / Valley) filter


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