Table of 6

1.Combining flowers with a self portraits @artcuresall turns this photo into a new look of beauty.

2. A crescent moon, a bubble bath are replaced with clouds and a beautiful sunset. @indgo post a picture of the vision of my idea of self care. .

3.One song I’ve been obsessed with is Commé des Garçon by @rinasonline . The picture is compliments the song with its retro visuals and popping makeup.

4.The newest painter I’ve been inspired by is @missannavaldez because of her love for bold, vivid colors and small details.

5.Makeup artist @kirinrider is hosting a FREE ZOOM makeup tutorial on @Hypebae Euphoria (May 15 from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST.) .

6.It’s official @casetify x @hellokitty collab is here including iPhone cases, MacBook cases and AirPod cases and a series of Hello Kitty stickers.

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