Table of 6: Individuality

College app- Layout (iPhone)
All photos on Instagram
  1. May 16, 2020 was the day of Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation . Noted by @hypebeast Lebron James enlists Travis Scott ‘Cactus Jack’ for Class 2020 T Shirt. All of the proceeds go to charity. -This celebration included Former President Barack Obama, LeBron James , Kevin Hart, Timothée Chalamet, Jonas Brother, Bad Bunny , H.E.Rand Zendaya just to name a few.

2. Being different and doing things in a unique way is exactly what I think of when I see @junebugkim . Finding yourself and who you are is exactly what graduation & taking that next step in life is all about.

3. Being free to do your passion is the very reason I put @fracescaowen_ photo of ballerina in water showing it’s form and posture.

4. Never scared to be who you are owning yourself and knowing nobody can changed you is represented by @cultureicontv photography.

5. The photo represented by @grantlegan gives me a feeling of searching through the trees in a forest. During the process of searching you’re arranging a new life that is independent. The girl in the red dress to me is on mission to start something new which cones with challenges, and struggles that leads to happiness and success.

6. I used @copylab photo to represent being free as a bird. Begin to to take the leap & fly to find your passion.

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