Hand sanitizer leads to Brooklyn finds ( Clean & Cozy Collection)

Before this pandemic struck I was searching to find cleaning essentials. Everything was sold out including hand sanitizer, different soaps and cleaning products. In addition to asking every employee in my favorite stores about hand sanitizer, that was 70% germ free. I went to New York &. found what I needed while talking to the owners of the shops in Brooklyn . I asked them how they were holding up because we’re all going through the pandemic differently. This motivated me to find more than one store to explore. Little did I realize that this trip to New York happened only a few days before everything would shut down.


I was on a mission to find a hand sanitizer & while browsing the internet I came across Jao Brand. Jao Hand Refresher soap (hand sanitizer) which contains 65% ethyl alcohol plus essential oils. This Jao Hand refresher comes in 2oz , 4oz, 8oz and 28oz pouch. Once I called the store I found that they were about to run out; but they said they can hold a few for me to pick it up in store. When I arrived at the store I found the 8oz bottle was perfect on the go. Along with its floral scent with Lavender and Tea Tree oil it was the perfect find during this pandemic.

While I was in Jao I spoke to the owner as she discussed the new way of living in New York (at the time being the center of the pandemic ). In the middle of our conversation the owner explains how Jao Social Club, C.f (consignment shop),Anne Willi, and Hannah Wessell are owned by women & she suggested I should check them out since I was in the area. As we both were walking, she guided me to C.f a vintage consignment shop.

C.f (Consignment Brooklyn)

I was intrigued by C.F because I found my favorite brands Gucci, Chloe, Dior, Phillip Lim, to name a few. The owner of the consignment shop was extremely nice and greeted me with “open arms”. While I started bronzing the store I found this beautiful, long, detailed, floral gown. The owner explained that the Gucci custom made gown was worn by a celebrity on the red carpet at the Met Gala. I was shell shocked as I kept talking to the owner, as she guided me to a beautiful fur coats and retro Dior sunglasses. But the best part was supporting her business by taking picture and displaying the beautiful variety of colors at her store. Along with seeing several new brands I started planning to use for looks in my new Clean & Cozy Collection. The C. f consignment shop in Brooklyn caries an amazing assortment of beautiful treasures for those inspired by high end fashion . Presentation , service & quality , everything you want in a store .

Anne Willi

I walked across the street and went to Anne Willi a French boutique , which drew me in with its unquie cuts and patterns. I was able to talk to the owner to see how she was handling the pandemic. We discussed the clothing & how the fabrics are made in France and her feelings and thoughts of the pandemic. We both shared the same emotions of nervous, trying to work under a new schedule & way of life . The transition was something we both agreed was going to take some getting use to. I wanted to show support to this beautiful French store during this emotional time as shops were closing earlier and the rules for shopping were changing daily.

Hannah Wessell

Hannah Wessel is an Italian shop next door to Anne Willi. I managed to scan the store with beautiful orange and blue pieces. The owner explained that she is trying to keep in contact with her family in Italy. At the time globally Italy had the 2nd largest outbreak of the coronavirus. I wished her and her family well. Speaking to her was a reality check for me because it put everything in perspective and allowed me to realize how serious this pandemic is . I wanted to support her brand not just because of the luxurious fabrics & the sophisticated style but because we are all in this together . Trying to help each other stay safe and healthy .

In conclusion the common thread I wanted to highlight about this post is when 1 opportunity comes along you never know how that will lead you to opportunities for something else. Driving to Brooklyn , NY to find the Jao hand refresher hand sanitizer, gave me the opportunity to support other local businesses in the area. Having conversations with each of the others helped me to put the clothing in perspective to the pandemic. The importance of necessities vs wants .

Let’s stop the spread of COVID by:

  1. Wearing your mask and gloves
  2. Keeping 6ft a part
  3. Washing your hands
  4. Continue to buy cleaning products
  5. Make sure the Hand sanitizer is “antibacterial” and contains at least 70% alcohol
  6. Keep educating people on the virus

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