Glowing skincare and Fierce Makeup Artist I’m Inspired by

I live for glowing skin, and creative makeup looks because it gives me inspiration for my beauty looks. Here I pieced together a thread of : makeup, skincare , and a few skincare memes


A account not afraid of color, glitter, glitz and glam. Bold fierce looks don’t fooled by the lavender eye shadow and orange lip. This account has diverse range of flush looks from everyday to magazine covers and bold photo shoots with there wild color palette.

@lucysmagazine & @bernardgueitphoto

I got this photo from the Lucy Magazine the digital and print fashion Magazine. Then I saw this photo by Bernard Gueit of a model dripping in lavender paint. Gueit photo inspired by 70s 80s and 90s music videos. I love how each piece takes you back in time.


I have followed this account for years and enjoyed seeing the new ways the lover of millennial pink teaches people about all things skincare. He takes a new approach by creating meme.


Fresh Beauty uses there platform to talk about liquid skin care always pair a simple image of there product while giving facts about there products to learn about there brand as a whole.

@josie.melano ft. @alinabaraz

Josie Melano page I highly suggest as a makeup artist that does a wide range of model, singer, entertainers and several other celebrities. I like her style of makeup depending on the person there is no similarities. Alina Baraz one of the many R&B singers I go to for a soft sound and a style of nude tone looks and the makeup matches it completely.


Hungry Magazine uses makeup as a art and expresses there photos through making statements and creating makeup based on a persons expression.


When I see Adam Burrell work,I see several nature look:bold lip , a smokey eye and a non dramatic highlight. He uses it all together to create stunning timeless pieces of work.


Khai uses her face to create several looks like paint brushes on a canvas you never know what’s next but it’s always something different.


I can’t control my feelings of Rihanna continuing to build her empire of the Fenty family she launches Fenty Skin to complement the makeup line Fenty Beauty. The brand releases 31 of July with a toner, moisturizer with SPF and cleanser


I wanted a product that just worked … I wanted the best ingredients and I didn’t want it to cost a lot .. very few amount of products to focus on what you need

Rihanna explains Fenty Skin

Makeup & Skincare artist list

  1. @dirtyboysgetclean
  2. @lynskii
  3. @lucysmagazine
  4. @bernardgueitphoto
  5. @blackbirdkhai
  6. @adamburrell
  7. @josie.melano
  8. @alinabaraz
  9. @freshbeauty
  10. @fentyskin
  11. @hungermagazine
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